Sunday, January 23, 2011

ask. believe. receive.

it’s all happening. right now. what time is it. now. what did i learn from the children in vietnam. they gave me all they had. all they had was love. i journeyed into a new realm of being. in the moment. my sentences are simple. because what i am experiencing is simple. but was so hard to find. hours searching in a dark circus for something. something with no name. how can you ask for directions when you don’t know what you are looking for. when it’s found it no longer matters where you are going. maybe that’s what faith is. the faith that you are on the right path. that the people with the same light are in your path. guiding you. showing you new light. possibilities remain limitless. and that’s where the hope sets in. hope for a new day. a new beginning. the sky is so blue. i just want to laugh. run up the sand dunes. jump over the freezing cold waves. because i can. the little girl is still there. just been hardened with insecurities. she ran head first into them. but when an innocent orphan looks into your soul and smiles they blow away.
far far away. 

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