Tuesday, February 22, 2011


today i met a girl named hope. what a name. i told her there is a little town just outside of vancouver called hope too. she was very excited to hear this. i sat down with her and read with her. at first her voice was very quiet and timid. scared to make a mistake. but as i joked and encouraged her i saw that in a short time she felt a lot more confident and willing to take risks.
i met shaakirah when i was first arriving. she is a little heart breaker. during my time with the other girls she must have come over to me at least three times asking for help. i promised her i would be over as soon as we finished the worksheets. and then i found that i couldn't pull myself away from her. working on multiples and factors. she knew more than she was giving herself credit for, but taking her time because she didn't want me to divert my attention back to the others.

i arrived feeling tired as i am on antibiotics. but once i walked into the shelter i woke up. because there is no feeling like giving yourself. to little girls who are trying to change their futures. who have come from such hardships most people couldn't even dream of their entire lives...before they were even teens. and to be apart of that change, even if only for a few hours everyday, leaves me speechless.

no words to describe a full heart.

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