Tuesday, December 28, 2010


i had a really beautiful day today. working at the orphanage has opened a door to a new reality that i was always searching for. one should avoid the charity model when volunteering where we assume that those we are going to help are less powerful and have fewer skills. in fact, most people who volunteer learn more from those they work with as opposed to the other way around. some people have real problems. and most of these people also have a deep rooted happiness...possibly flowing from existing unconditionally in the present moment. it has been incredible to experience a way of life far removed of ego. letting go of the ego leads to an infinite path...everything becomes simple. it just is. i am not the shoes i wear. or the magazines i shoot. or the “people” i know. behind this facade is a person i am beginning to no longer fear i can be.

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  1. Beautiful Kelly, so great to hear of such a meaningful experience. Off to your house for dinner tonight - we got home 5 am so weird day.