Tuesday, December 28, 2010

live NOW

Lets share our knowledge fOr.....

World peace, inner growth, uncompromising compassion, acceptance of pleasure, non competitive motivation, respect for all beings, ability to apologize, preserving art, positive attitude, health, allowing change, the importance of books, understanding brevity, constructive judgment, freedom from consumerism, infinite daydreaming, courage to believe in death, end of debt, better eating choices, education through life, environmental conscience, global gender equality, end of the excuses era, physical exercise, failure equals experience, faith, family, end of fear, constant flirtation, flowers, food not as a need, learning forgiveness, freedom of freedom, cherishing true friendship daily, copying genius behavior, unexpected gifts, non obsessive goals, God(s), challenging the government for a better life not as a response to boredom, gratitude for everything always, joy from guests, breaking off habits even if good ones, hair is just hair, breathing happiness, removal of hate due to fear, living heartache to its full blossoming, helping all even the ones not asking or needing, reading and learning history, home is where you are, honesty is strength, hope becoming action, hugs for free, human and animal rights revisited, humility but not inferiority, humor all questions, reject hypocrisy, ideas becoming reality, controlled idleness when needed, ignoring ignorance, allowing imagination, inner child attitude, end of violence, continuous integrity, surrendering to intelligence, trusting intuition, lack of jealousy, justice for all, spontaneous kindness, kissing like you mean it, spread of real knowledge not the credit for it, respecting the value of labor, language as a bridge not as a wall, laughter instead of medication, the right of laziness at times, leadership with care, ability to accept never ending learning, more hand writing, more libraries than shoe stores, presence of light, learning to really listen, live NOW, logical use of logic, excessive love, a pinch of luck, manners matter, marriage for life, the importance of math, being your own doctor, memories as a side dish not as a main course, allowing mistakes to happen, morality over money, morning walks to nowhere, respecting motherhood but also accepting the existence of fatherhood, bicycle vs car, the importance of music, nature is the true artist, enjoy the silence everyday, walk on optimism, passion as a motivator past as a teacher, patience even when unnecessary, i am perfection, i have always been, perseverance but not obsession, breaking habitual perspective daily, philosophizing everything constantly, real photography is emotional not perfect, daily harvesting new traveling, politics are made for the people, respect acknowledge and help minimize poverty, pray but act, prejudice is aggression, controlled procrastination in order to live life, keeping promises as much as possible, intellectual prosperity, purpose, end of racism, true relationships, responsibility to ourselves, risk taking as a growth option, safety but not paranoia, science in the service of mankind not the opposite, self discovery, self respect, the importance of sex, simplicity not minimalism, singing for yourself, the importance of sleep, smile therapy, solitude not loneliness, speaking with purpose, ignoring and challenging statistics, end of stress, success as a consequence not as a goal, summer all year long, teamwork even when alone, thoughts for food, traveling for leisure more than work, love trees, trust everyone including yourself, believe in vegetarianism accept omnivores, allow and respect vices as part of life, walk more, end of all wars now, don’t allow water to be privatized, live weekends fully, wisdom to keep learning, the courage of women, everyone is a writer...

- author unknown

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