Tuesday, December 21, 2010

field cred

the morning commenced with the much anticipated football match. our teams were formed by street boys from a shelter in the center of ho chi minh city. the charity provides accommodation, education, recreational activities and opportunities for street and orphaned children. 

at first the boys were rather shy and seemed a little hesitant to share the field with a girl. but thanks to my parents who dedicated some extremely wet west coast sunday mornings coaching/spectating my teenage football games, i earned some major “field” cred from the boys. i think i got bonus points when i kicked off the shoes that were giving me blisters and played the remaining time barefoot. due to battling with a blinding migraine for most of the day, i will spare you the details. in short, by the end of the game i was soaked in sweat, gravel, and war wounds, and we all had giant smiles on our faces.

after a much needed shower, lunch, and rest...we headed back to the shelter and spent the later part of the afternoon teaching english to the boys. the boy i worked with was so incredibly keen to learn and caught on to everything in a flash. another boy was busy in the corner sketching dresses and dreams of becoming a fashion designer. i am going to try and find him some art supplies and fashion magazine inspiration before my next visit. 

i will finish this post off with a bunch of photos as the migraine is back and i am really really exhausted.

the arsenal v man utd game
 war wounds
 post game...hold the ice
 english books & rock 'n roll

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